nuit blanche

Illuminating Emergent Vegetation
Installation; Waxed thread, paper; 7 light boxes (8” x 11"); 2010
Nuit Blanche, Bring to Light, NYC ; Greenpoint, Brooklyn

In formerly industrial areas, plants responsible for their own survival serve vital functions. Some plants (Lambsquarters, Mugwort, Prickly Lettuce and Common Reed) absorb heavy metals such as zinc, copper, lead and cadmium, binding them to organic material, building degraded soil. Others (Spotted Spurge, Pursulane, Broadleaf Plaintain and various grasses) are disturbance adapted colonizers of bare ground. While many (Hedge Bindweed, Pale Smartweed, Quackgrass and Virginia Pepperweed) have medicinal value or cultural histories. Spontaneous growth creates small thriving ecosystems. This site specific installation embedded in the tall grasses featured 6 unique plants present on this street. When detailed stitching is lit, it creates small constellations - drawing attention our human experience of urban systems, reflecting a relative scale and perspective - what is above is also below.

Bring to Light: Nuit Blanche New York is a nighttime contemporary art event on the New York waterfront that transforms streets, parks, piers and historic spaces, creating an immersive spectacle for thousands of participants. In 2010, a passionate team of community advocates, curators, writers, neighbors, designers, and cultural entrepreneurs came together to create the first “nuit blanche” event in New York. Inspired by this collaborative energy, over 75 artists re-imagined Greenpoint on Brooklyn’s industrial waterfront.