astral habitats

Astral Habitats, Installation view
Audio recordings, sound vessels (ceramic, audio speakers, paper), digital embroidery on handmade paper (raw abaca/cattail), light projection; 2019

Some of the sounds you may hear are those of a Black Capped Chickadee, American Redstart, Chipping Sparrow, Yellow Warbler, Common Yellow Throat and a Grey Catbird. There may be a House Wren, American Robin or a Rose Breasted Grosbeak. These are petite portions of a two-hour recording of a dawn chorus at Kettleson Hogsback, Great Lakes Wildlife Preserve in May 2018 near Lake Okoboji in Northwest Iowa. Small sound prints from the longer recording were then translated into forms and patterns using Adobe Audition and AutoCAD software. Each unique design was digitally embroidered through handmade raw abaca and cattail paper.

Other sounds in the room include NASA samples of the Plasma waves of Saturn and an Emfisis chorus as recorded by the EMFISIS instrument aboard NASA’s Van Allen Probes.

Many thanks to Denise Van Fossen, The Digital Studio @ University of Iowa Libraries, Hannah Scates Kettler, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, Neil Bernstein, Alex Braidwood, Mary Skopec, Mindy Morales-Williams, Dwight & Bev Rutter, Laurie Neuerberg, Sara Schieb, Isabel Barbuzza, Dan Miller, Andy Casto, Tim Barrett, Josh Van Stippen, Tony Sutowski, Benj Upchurch, Adam Krueger, Alex Jesko, Timmy Wolfe, Claire Whitehurst, Tanner Mothershead.