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Thread, Pattern, Form
August 21 - September 22, 2023
Artist Panel & Reception, August 3, 6pm
University of Northern Iowa Gallery
1601 W 27th St.
Cedar Falls, IA 50614

Textile and fiber art represent the array of works included in the exhibit.

“This exhibit's breadth and diversity of works make this show unique, dynamic, and visually strong. The artists in the exhibit question established limitations about art categories and hierarchies, and they highlight the artistic practices of Contemporary Textile Works. Seeing all the works in the University of Northern Iowa's Kamerick Art Building adds to the experience of enjoying and absorbing art.” Isabel Barbuzza, juror

Participating artists include Ange Altenhofen, Judy Bales, Jenna Bonistalli, Astrid Hilger Bennett, Jocelyn Châteauvert, Tibi Chelcea, Jan Friedman, ANNiE Hall, Deb Koesters, Abigail Livengood, Teresa Paschke, Catherine Reinhart, Lindi Roe, Rowen Schussheim-Anderson, Olivia Valentine, Joan Webster-Vore and Deborah Zeitler.

Surface Design Association (SDA) is an international nonprofit focused on contemporary textile and fiber art, promoting awareness and appreciation of textile inspired art and design through publications, exhibitions and events.


Infinite Weave
March 2 - March 11, 2023
Reception, March 4, 10am - 2pm
Public Space One
538 S Gilbert Street,
Iowa City, IA

PS1’s annual art auction is an opportunity to support our year-round programming and resources by bidding on — and if the stars align, taking home — diverse work by dozens of amazing artists!

Contemporary Fiber Art
November 1 - December 2, 2022
Artist Talk & Reception, November 5, 2-4pm
Clear Lake Arts Center
17 South 4th Street
Clear Lake, IA 50428

Works by Surface Design Association members : Abigail Livingood, Catherine Reinhart, Deborah Zeitler, Jan Friedman, Jenna Bonistalli, Teresa Paschke, Astrid Hilger Bennett, Olivia Valentine, Ange Altenhofen, Jocelyn Chateauvert , Joan Webster-Vore, Lindi Roe, Tibi Chelcea.

Hambidge Art Auction & Performance Party
August 27 - September 10, 2022
Closing event & bids: September 10, 6-10pm
Uptown Atlanta
500 Lindbergh Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

Works to benefit The Hambidge Center for Creative Arts & Sciences , A 600-acre sanctuary that empowers individuals to develop, explore, and express their creative voices. Bid here.

August 18 - September 10, 2022
Reception, Friday, August 19 6-8pm
Public Space One
229 N. Gilbert St.
Iowa City, IA 52245

Showcasing samples and art by participants in a Community Indigo Vat started during the Pandemic and maintained by Astrid Hilger Bennett. Explore slow fashion and one of our most enduring natural dyes.

hitotoki {one moment in time}
Month of June 2022
Gallery Walk, with sidewalk reception: June 3, 5-8 pm
140 N. Linn Street
Iowa City, IA

In collaboration with Sayuri Sasaki Hemann, a site-specific window installation engaging fiber, light and the natural world.

Iowa City's Downtown District Summer Gallery Walk.

Random Generator
Reception Mar 12, 7 - 8 pm
Public Space One
Close House
538 S Gilbert Street,
Iowa City, IA

PS1’s annual art auction is an opportunity to support our year-round programming and resources by bidding on — and if the stars align, taking home — diverse work by dozens of amazing artists.

Thistles Now
Oct 4 - Nov 21, 2021
Reception Oct 22, 4:30 - 6 pm
Prairie Lights Café
15 S Dubuque St
Iowa City, IA 52240

After the first November frost, I sprinkled the seed pods of a thistle plant outside my house, saving the hulls and stems. Later, dipping them in porcelain slip.

What would happen when firing them, so delicate?
Do they belong together? Or apart?
How might I rearrange them?
Where will they live?
How do they remember?

Later on, firing the atmospheric soda kiln - melting and gooey, gripping and releasing, creating greens and blues with a sparkly sheen.

The pieces are an experimental process of both composition and repair. They slowly became echoes of their moment - fragile, difficult, soft, beautiful, protective.

** Many thanks to Dorian Dean, Hannah Givler, Josh Van Stippen and Benj Upchurch for their supportive contributions to the making and installation of this work.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please visit online shop.
Or email:

Pieces are numbered Thistle No. 1 – No. 29.

15% of sales will be donated to Great Plains Action Society.

Time, After Time
Oct 8 - Nov 8, 2021
Opening Saturday, Oct 9 6-10 pm
Aquarium Gallery & Studios
934 Montegut Street
New Orleans, LA

An alumni show and open studios tour. 10 years of swimming with the Fishes!

- International Paper Art Exhibition - Approach
Paper Toyota
Toyotashi Mingei-kan & Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
市民ギャラリーCitizen’s Gallery
7th October to 5th December 2021

Works by paper artists from around the world selected by IAPMA will be brought together for an exhibition.

APPROACH : Create The Bright Future Through Paper
Virtual SATURDAYS: September 18, 25, & October 2, 2021
LIVE from Toyota City, JAPAN: October 7-10, 2021
October 2 - Global Approach to Craft
15:30 CEST

Paper and Process : Aesthetics, Materiality and the Body
Jenna Bonistalli, USA

In her book ‘Vibrant Matter,’ Jane Bennett suggests that human beings ourselves are ‘advanced material systems.’ She describes the trajectory of development through evolutionary time when soft tissue moved to mineralization, creating the possibility of bone, which birthed the propensity for humans to be actants on the earth; able to affect, change, alter and influence the world around us in profound ways.

This presentation will focus on the process of artmaking as it relates to the body and aesthetic considerations in materiality. Drawing upon my own experiences learning in washi, I will make connections to other material processes (contemporary paper, ceramics, weaving, installation) and explore the role of the artist’s physical body in the aesthetics of the work, raising questions of somatic learning and attention.

Traditional processes coincide intimately and directly with synchronous rhythms of the natural world. Thus, the artist explores not only plant fiber, but its capacities beyond the surface, to the ‘spirit’ or the essence through the interaction between human and material. To be a material, interacting with materials – that feels like something magical. In an ecological sense, might there be ways to move more purposefully towards this horizontal plane of reciprocity and mutuality?

Video link click here.

"Of Cloth and Clay"
Tatter Journal, Issue Two: Earth
Blue: The Tatter Textile Library
Brooklyn, NY

At Tatter, we are often moved by the ways in which textiles inform or are informed by, other craft mediums. Clay is a material caused by the erosion of rocks over vast amounts of time, made pliable by water, minerals and microscopic platelets.

The following group of ceramic artists connect their practices to textile, or in some cases, use textile to access elements of earth. Link to Article.

Handmade Paper Wheel of Fortune
Hand Papermaking Magazine
Ticket Drawing, June 10 !

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Handmade Paper Wheel of Fortune is here, just in time for summer. And it's going to be an amazing event!

As with the first Wheel of Fortune event last year, we asked contemporary papermakers and paper artists across the U.S. and around the world to donate handmade paper to us. And we received more than 65 batches of papers of all sorts: Elegant Western-style papers, beautiful Japanese, Thai, and other traditional papers of Asia, experimental papers made from rare and unusual natural fibers, dyed and colored papers, hand-decorated papers, and more!

And now you can Spin the Handmade Paper Wheel of Fortune to win a unique and amazing batch of paper!

(Just click the link above^^^)

National Juried Exhibition
April 9 - May 22, 2021
Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory & Educational Foundation
1754 E. 47th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44103

The Morgan Conservatory is the largest arts center in the United States dedicated to every facet of papermaking, book arts and letterpress printing and to cultivating the talents of established and emerging artists. An international destination that is free and open to the public, the Morgan Conservatory is a working studio, gallery, gathering place for the community, educational hub and purveyor of some of the finest handmade papers in the world. National juried exhibition curated by Tizziana Baldenebro and Arnold Tunstall.

Materials Hard and Soft
February 5 - May 8, 2021
Greater Denton Arts Council
400 E Hickory Street
Denton, TX

Recognized as one of the premier craft exhibitions in the country, Materials: Hard + Soft International Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition, began in 1987 and was originally initiated by area artist Georgia Leach Gough. Now in its 34th year, the exhibition shows the top national and international artists as we celebrate the evolving field of contemporary craft and the remarkable creativity and innovation of artists who push the boundaries of their chosen media.

Juror Pablo Barrera selected 77 works for exhibition at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center including works from 28 states and 9 countries including Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Israel, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States in varying media including metal, glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, fiber, and mixed media.

This exhibition is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, Texas Commission on the Arts and the City of Denton. The 34th annual Materials will be on view February 5 - May 8, 2021 at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center.

Osmotic Radiance
Public Space One
Annual Art Auction
work will be on view in person at the Chauncey:
404 E. College St. (at Gilbert)

The annual PS1 art auction features diverse work by over 50 artists and supports PS1’s year-round programming and resources.

Osmotic Radiance is behind glass: translucent and protective, sheer and shiny, separating and yet transmitting rays into an adjacent void. This semi-permeable, semi-metaphorical membrane diffuses artists’ work into a public world -- a molecular migration or radiant flux of art towards spirit. Diffusion on the hypotonic, active transport, and well, why not, equilibrium. It flows both ways, but always towards the light. Bid here !

Kamiten (Exhibition of Contemporary Paper Art)
Imadate Art Field
September 7 - October 5, 2020
Imadate, Echizen

A collaboration of papermaking, art and film by the University of Iowa Center for the Book featuring work by: Jenna Bonistalli, Katharine L DeLamater, Robert Henderson, Maria Carolina Ceballos Flórez. Concept and curation by Nicholas Cladis. Filming in collaboration with Barry Phipps.

The exhibition of contemporary paper art in Imadate, Echizen, and the related residency "Imadate Art Camp," were established in 1979. "Kamiten" (kami = paper, ten = exhibition) was created by a group of artists and craftspeople. One of the original members was Kawai Isamu, who traveled the world seeking out artists and papermakers. He passed away, and the torch was passed onto his colleague and dear friend Yoriyasu Masuda.

Visitors arrive to the main community center or central museum where they pay an entry fee and are given an illustrated map. The map shows the structures within the village that are hosting artworks. This map in hand, visitors walk through the village, moving from location to location. Many of the houses are 300-400 years old, while others are newer structures. The exhibition is spread across an entire village, and in effect, the village becomes part of the exhibition – part of each artwork.

There are also two festivals for the papermaking goddess every year in Echizen: a spring festival and an autumn festival. The spring festival is the more boisterous of the two. The autumn festival is the more local of the two, featuring papermakers and community members and their extended families, hiking at night by paper lantern light to return the papermaking goddess to her inner shrine at the top of the sacred mountain.

Autumnal Equinox Art-a-Thon
Saturday, Sept 19 at NOON - Sunday, Sept 20 at NOON, 2020
Public Space One
Iowa City, IA

An outdoor weaving in increments over the week of August 31, 2020. 7 feet apart, from side-to-side. Also featuring: Zoe Webb, Giselle Simón, Jocmarys Viruet Feliciano, Claire Whitehurst and Sayuri Sasaki Hemann.

Future Tense
Surface Design Association
August 13 - October 27, 2020
Appalachian Center for Craft
Tennessee Tech University

FUTURE TENSE 2020 will celebrate the creative work of student artists, designers, and makers working with or inspired by fiber or textile materials or techniques. FUTURE TENSE 2020 offers a glimpse into the future of contemporary fibers by presenting the very best work being made by students in the field today.

“In Between”
Limited Edition Portfolio #13
Hand Papermaking Magazine

Hand Papermaking’s lucky thirteenth themed portfolio of handmade paper was by design meant to inspire broad interpretation. The hope was that the final papers in the portfolio would be thought-provoking and visually compelling art works that formally or conceptually suggested the liminal, the undefined, the unextreme, the marginal, the middling. In the end, our challenge attracted a diverse group of 16 artists from Europe, Japan, New Zealand, and all corners of the United States whose collective 16 paper works, chosen by curator Frida Baranek, are an intriguing record of the creative spirit of these decidedly “in between” times.

To represent the “in between” in paper, some artists worked with layers, building meaningful works of art with unusual juxtapositions and surprising manipulations between multiple couches or applications of pulp. Other artists embedded various fibers or objects, such as delicate weavings of thread, directly and impractically into the paper. Still others made abstract works that challenged the very notion of what paper is. On the whole, the papers in In Between are as strangely beautiful as they are beautifully strange.

The 16 artists of In Between are:
Amalia Avilés-Lugo, Anna Benjamin, Jenna Bonistalli, Elena Bordacconi, Lesa Hepburn, Julie Johnson, Danae Lagoy, Thomas Leech, Stephanie Lerma, Roberto Mannino, Jill Odegaard, Hannah O’Hare Bennett, Sariah Park, Claire Reynes, Jamie Scherzer, Kazumi Seki.

A custom-made clamshell box houses the work, each in a protective folder imprinted with the artists’ names. A hand bound booklet, with letterpress-printed cover, contains statements from the artists, details about each piece, and a commissioned essay by Frida Baranek.

The portfolio was curated and overseen by Frida Baranek, and edited by Mina Takahashi, with design and letterpress-printed wrappers by Steve Miller.

Fruit and Dreaming
MFA Thesis Exhibition
March 2 - March 6, 2020
Reception, Friday March 6 6-8pm
Eve Drewelowe Gallery
Visual Arts Building, University of Iowa
107 River Street
Iowa City, IA

In 1944 a botanist named Ada Hayden received 100 dollars from the Iowa Academy of Sciences to survey land that might preserve the natural history of the state. She traveled all around Iowa, documenting and collecting plant life in prairie remnants – tall grass, wetland, dry, forested, sandy – and recommended 22 areas be preserved, writing a paper entitled “"The Selection of Prairie Areas in Iowa Which Should be Preserved." On a radio show on July 3, 1946 she implored farmers to assess tracts of land often used for hay pasturage:

Prairie land shouldn’t be improved in any way, other than fenced. It should be left in its natural state…. it seems to me during this centennial birthday of Iowa, it would be especially appropriate to give the state a present of virgin prairie land if you have some…. Then there’ll be a preserve for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enjoy – not as a picnic area – but as a cathedral, a monument to the past. (Hayden, Radio transcript)

This past summer, near Spirit Lake, Iowa one particular prairie, and one particular part of this prairie captured my attention and imagination. It is indeed one of the areas uncovered by Hayden, who recognized tallgrass plants growing in a hayfield. She recommended that it be preserved. In 1958, the Cayler family, who had owned the land since frontier settlement, sold the land parcel to the Iowa Conservation Commission. The tallgrass parcel was named as a National Natural Landmark in 1966 and dedicated as a state nature preserve in 1971.

For me, it started with the wild plum, a woody invasive shrub, and became everything else: the light pink and purple vetch, the bobolink, young milkweed, thousands upon thousands of fireflies and luminescent barley grass. Over two weeks in June 2019, I visited Cayler Prairie, at different times of day and night, in varying weather conditions. I recorded sound, video and light data, made drawings and took field notes.

This exhibition is comprised of fragments of my experience at Cayler Prairie in translated forms. I wonder how this particular place holds time, represents and offers opportunities to experience attention in new ways. What could it mean to make space for a place to speak?

Using materials - fiber, paper, ceramics, light and sound - I hope to compose moments with a lens towards reciprocity. The “screens” are weavings and floating paper tapestries, reflecting the amorphous shapes and forms of their reflected image. Some projectors are de-constructed, some shaped in clay, their shadows appearing as natural forms of the hand. Light data points as silk thread compose a landscape in motion.

Select images and slides courtesy of:
Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives
Ada Hayden Herbarium – EEOB (Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology) Department, Iowa State University

I am beyond thankful to those who have been integral to my ongoing research and graduate work. In particular, much gratitude to my thesis committee for their support, belief and commitment to both making and investigation: Isabel Barbuzza, Dan Miller, Tim Barrett, Andy Casto and Rachel Williams.

The University of Iowa Center for the Book has been a true second home for me during my time here. I am so grateful to my colleagues and teachers there.

At Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, so many thanks to the Artists- in-Residence program as well as staff and faculty for their welcoming and open-minded approach: Mary Skopec, Alex Braidwood, Neil Bernstein, Matt Fairchild and Travis Scheirer.

On each of my trips to Northwest Iowa, I have had the opportunity to visit the Prairie Flower Farm in Spencer, Iowa. Dwight & Bev Rutter have been true inspirations, and I thank them for their cultivation and work for prairie species (as well as fiber contributions: cattail, thimbleweed and milkweed).

Many thanks to The University of Iowa Graduate College as well as The Digital Studio at University of Iowa Libraries for fellowship opportunities that proved instrumental in my research and process.

At Iowa State University, Deborah Lewis, curator of the Ada Hayden Herbarium has been gracious beyond belief, kind and knowledgeable in my many trips to study their collections. At Iowa State Special Collections and University Archives, thanks to Amy Bishop and Olivia Garrison.

So many thanks to those that supported and assisted with the production and installation of this work: Kylie Gava, Claire Whitehurst, Nicole Davis, Anna Clowser, Cassidy Slater-Scott, Hannah Givler, Josh Van Stippen, Maria Alarcon Aldrete Wolf, Timmy Alarcon Aldrete Wolf, Nina Kintsurashvili, Stacey Lee Gee, Kelly Clare, Kim Maher, Tony Sutowski, Benj Upchurch, Ben Anzelc, Jake Jones.

Material Oracle
February 7 - February 15, 2020
Closing Reception + Final bids, February 15, 6-8pm
Public Space One
229 N Gilbert St
Iowa City, IA

Come plinth block, come lath, come plexi, copper, and silk,
oh Titebond, oh offcuts, oh rebar and soot,
alight and mold, crumble and flake, adhere and bind, transform!

Do we build with materials or do they build us? What fate is summoned by fresh substances in our new-old surroundings, as we create new surfaces and make peace with the matter that will outlast us all? Cast your art into the mix and divine with us, through science, magic, or chance!

At Least Yunomi: Ceramic Afterglow Pop-up Show
Thursday, May 30, 2019
George’s Buffet
312 E Market Street
Iowa City, IA

"At least Yunomi" is the after party Pop-up for the Collective's show "Surface Tension" that is showing at Public Space One May 10 - 30th.

Astral Habitats
March 4 - March 9, 2019
Reception Friday, March 8 6-8 pm
Gallery E148
Visual Arts Building, University of Iowa
107 River Street
Iowa City, IA

Some of the sounds you may hear are those of a Black Capped Chickadee, American Redstart, Chipping Sparrow, Yellow Warbler, Common Yellow Throat and a Grey Catbird. There may be a House Wren, American Robin or a Rose Breasted Grosbeak. These are petite portions of a two-hour recording of a dawn chorus at Kettleson Hogsback, Great Lakes Wildlife Preserve in May 2018 near Lake Okoboji in Northwest Iowa. Small sound prints from the longer recording were then translated into forms and patterns using Adobe Audition and AutoCAD software. Each unique design was digitally embroidered through handmade raw abaca and cattail paper.

Other sounds in the room include NASA samples of the Plasma waves of Saturn and an Emfisis chorus as recorded by the EMFISIS instrument aboard NASA’s Van Allen Probes.

Many thanks to Denise Van Fossen, The Digital Studio @ University of Iowa Libraries, Hannah Scates Kettler, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, Neil Bernstein, Alex Braidwood, Mary Skopec, Mindy Morales-Williams, Dwight & Bev Rutter, Laurie Neuerberg, Sara Schieb, Isabel Barbuzza, Dan Miller, Andy Casto, Tim Barrett, Josh Van Stippen, Tony Sutowski, Benj Upchurch, Adam Krueger, Alex Jesko, Timmy Wolfe, Claire Whitehurst, Tanner Mothershead.

Warm Tones for Cold Nights
January 21 - February 1, 2019
Reception Friday, February 1 5-7 pm
K.K. Merker Gallery
University of Iowa, Center for the Book
ground floor of North Hall, 20 West Davenport Street,
Iowa City, IA 52245

Curated by Katerina Hazell

... At night,
a shy girl comes to the cove with her father.

Although there isn't music they glide
arm in arm onto the blurred surface together,

braced like dancers. She thinks she'll never
be so happy, for who else will find her graceful,

find her perfect, skate with her
in circles outside the emptied rink forever?

"Ice," Gail Maznr

In-Progress: Scaffolding and Snafus
October 14 - November 3, 2018
Reception Friday, October 26 9:30 - 11:15 am
K.K. Merker Gallery
University of Iowa, Center for the Book
ground floor of North Hall, 20 West Davenport Street,
Iowa City, IA 52245

Using the working definition of “matrices” as “something from which something else originates, develops, or takes form,” this exhibition aims to spotlight the often-invisible or discarded materials that contribute to final projects and editions: the journals, the mock-ups, the grids, the schedules, the registration guides, the experiments, the misprints, the ill-formed sheets, the stencils, the carved blocks, the special tools, the plates, etc. Ultimately it asks: How do the UICB students work through the process of creating final pieces, and how is that process honed in this academic space?

Exhibition presented in concert with "Matrices" - a joint conference of the American Printing History Association (APHA) with the Friends of Dard Hunter (FDH).

Lucid Macrocosm
Sept 17 - Oct 10, 2018
Buena Vista University Art Gallery
Storm Lake, IA

These works are a collection of personal observations by four installation artists using specific materials as a meditation on details. The images and metaphors originate in nature, but are recast to examine larger concerns. At once poetic and haunting, each assembled piece speaks the language of its maker.

Opening Saturday, Sept 8 6-10 pm
Sept 8 - Sept 29, 2018
Aquarium Gallery & Studios
934 Montegut Street
New Orleans, LA

A show of different eras of Aquarium studio artists!

Iowa Lakeside Lab AIR
May 2018
Open Studios Thurs, May 24 7-9 pm
1838 Highway 86
Milford, IA 51351

Lakeside Lab is a biological field station and nature preserve located in the northwest region of Iowa. The residency program is offered with an eye towards Long Term Ecological Reflections, a national partnership between biological field stations that support thoughtful relationships between art and science.

The Artist-in-Residence program aims to create opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and reflection between artists, scientists, and community members. Artists are encouraged to use the area as their studio and to interact freely with scientists, field study courses, local residents, and visitors. A high priority of the program is exploring relationships between art and science.

"And the needle was threaded 777 times, entirely by myself"
February 18 - March 10, 2018
Reception Thurs, March 1 6:30 - 8:30
K.K. Merker Gallery
University of Iowa, Center for the Book
ground floor of North Hall, 20 West Davenport Street,
Iowa City, IA 52245

We explore the various ways in which we use embroidery and sewing techniques as visual media in paper works and book objects. We are interested in sewing as personal mark making and sewn marks as visual language. Each artist in this exhibition has personal, as well as shared, attractions to this method of drawing including: mindfulness, meditative action, patternmaking, and ritual. Our title is excerpted from an essay by Elaine Hedges in Feminist Studies Vol 8. No. 2 "Women and Work" (1982). In "The Nineteenth Century Diarist and her Quilts", Hedges quotes Eliza Bell, who upon completing a quilt for President Benjamin Harrison, shared in her diary:

"Every stitch
[was] done by my own hand, and the needle was threaded 777
times, entirely by myself." They would have responded with interest
and appreciation, also, to her further description of the
quilt as containing "one hundred and thirty nine yards of straight
work. Twelve yards of Chain-work. One square yard of Small
Shells in the center. Thirty three Feathers. Ten Stars."

Whatever the substrate, sewing is a deeply personal, yet equally communal practice. We have connected over our various approaches to this traditional media as we repurpose it for our contemporaneous works, while simultaneously honoring the historical applications of sewing.

Strange Attractors
Mon, Nov 13 - Fri, Nov 17, 2017
Gallery E260
Visual Arts Building
107 River Street
Iowa City, IA

Projections by Jenna Bonistalli.

Activation Times:
Tues, November 14, 2017 - 5:30-7:00
Thurs, November 16, 2017 - 5:30-7:00
Friday, November 17, 2017 - 5:30-7:00

Limited Edition BYOB BYOD
ONE NIGHT ONLY, Saturday, June 10, 2017, 6-10 pm
Antenna Gallery
3718 St. Claude Avenue

Limited Edition will feature a single night of media arts and bookmaking. A take on the BYOB (bring your own beamer/projector) started by artist Rafaël Rozendaal. We are also inviting artists or writers to BYOBD (bring your own book design). During that evening, we will print limited edition books / chapbooks / zines / comics for FREE for as many New Orleans based artists and writers as possible in a four hour stretch.

The Secret Circus Presents: Send Nudes
Saturday, April 1, 2017, 6 - 11 pm
Spaghetti Speakeasy Listening Room and Library of Art and Wooden Chairs
3331 St. Claude Avenue

The Secret Circus collective presents Send Nudes: a show about vulnerability, illusion, truth, and power. Come get uncomfortable!

T H I N G S: a still life show
Saturday, August 13, 2016, 6 - 9 pm
5 Press Gallery @ NOCCA
5 Press Street

“Many oil paintings were themselves simple demonstrations of what gold or money could buy. Merchandise became the actual subject-matter of works of art.”
-John Berger Ways of Seeing

image : Frozen Conch, Cristina Molina

Cir/ca/di/um Aquarium
Saturday, April 9, 2016, 6 - 11 pm
Aquarium Gallery & Studios
934 Montegut St

celebration of spring and rebirth; processes that we attempt to grapple with as human beings.

A transformation of the Aquarium Gallery and Studios' backyard,
"cir/ca/di/um" is an audio-visual experience as well as group installation/3d show
curated by Maddie Stratton

enter through side gate

Transcendent Arts of Tibet and India
"Stealing the Queen's Royal Jelly"
Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 5 pm
Winter Garden - 230 Vesey Street, New York, NY

Week two of Transcendent Arts of Tibet and India brings the ancient Bharatanatyam dance tradition of South India to the Winter Garden alongside daily performances of North and South Indian classical vocal and instrumental art forms.

Curator for Indian Music and Dance Performances: Malini Srinivasan

Arts Council New Orleans’ LUNA Fête
December 4 and 5, 2015, 6 - 9 pm
Church Street (off of Julia)

A projected nighttime wildflower meadow.

Mobile Home
Opening October 10, 2015, 6 - 9pm

til November 7
Aquarium Gallery & Studios
934 Montegut Street

with new works by studio artists Maddie Stratton, Ursa Eyer, Sarah Ball, Marta Maleck, Jacob Reptile, Jenna Bonistalli and Jaimie Heiges. Featuring work by, guest artist, Ramiro Diaz.

Touch / capacité
Opening May 9, 2015 7 - 10 pm
Showing Second Saturday June, 13

until July 8
Dancing Grounds
3705 St. Claude Ave

‘Touch’ is a selection from a 12 piece series about sensation passing through the body – balance, tactility and translation. The original drawings were made while holding a magnolia seedpod in the left hand and making marks with the right, eyes closed. After, as the drawings are stitched with one continuous piece of thread, a new dimensionality emerges. Light unveils the process.* The Magnoliaceae family is one of the most ancient genus of plants Fossilized specimens date back 95 million years. The magnolia’s flowers appeared even before bees did, evolving to be pollinated by beetles.

‘capacité’ explores the potential energy within and surrounding us at every moment, in constant kinesis.

+ collaborative installation with Anna Quinn in Riverside studio :
'Inescapable Growth'

Take Me To The River
Opening May 30, 2015, 5 - 7 pm
Octavia Gallery
454 Julia Street

until June 20
Contact gallery for hours

TAKE ME TO THE RIVER (TMTTR), an artists’ collective nonprofit organization, is collaborating on a unique project with Octavia Art Gallery, KID smART, and five prominent regionally based artists. The project includes an outreach program with 24 second grade students, an art collaboration between TMTTR artists and New Orleans based artists, and an exhibition at Octavia Art Gallery.

TMTTR was founded in 2001 by an international collective of 16 multimedia artists who depict water as a subject of beauty and global importance. The group's mission is to raise awareness and appreciation for water as a vital natural resource in every community around the world.

Cestrum Nocturnum
Opening April 11, 2015, 7 - 11 pm

Open Hours:
Saturdays April 18, 25 , 7 - 9 pm
Saturday May 2, 7 - 9 pm Closing Party
Aquarium Gallery
934 Montegut Street

Cestrum Nocturnum is an exploration of Night blooming plants by artists Jenna Bonistalli and Vanessa Adams. Opening under the light of the moon, these plants have long been associated with subconscious, occult, and magical states of being. Via installations of print and paper, illuminated projections, and physical plant bodies, Cestrum Nocturnum is an investigation into the unseen cycles of life, the celestial, and the ephemera of nocturnal botanicals in all their dimensions.

REPARATION: Contemporary Artists from New Orleans
New Orleans Museum of Art
On view through January 25, 2015

REPARATION is an exhibition of 187 works by 180 New Orleans artists, young and old, and is part of Luciano Benetton’s Imago Mundi collection: works commissioned and collected by Benetton on his world travels. Organized by Diego Cortez, REPARATION features hundreds of New Orleans artists who were invited to create works utilizing the same format: a 4 × 4.75” canvas.

This exhibition is a part of P3+, a satellite program of Prospect.3.

Louisiana Contemporary
Ogden Museum of Southern Art
August 2 to September 28, 2014

Louisiana Contemporary is a statewide juried art exhibition organized by The Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Our Climate Projected
New York, NY
September 18, 2014

This September 2014 the United Nations is holding a summit on climate change in New York City. On September 21, 2014 several local and national organizing groups have called for a day of action, a mass mobilization in New York City to show support for serious measures to be taken to curb the wide sweeping negative effects of climate change. Art works will be projected on the street and in other locations as part of this response.